10 Things to Do in the Crystal Coast in the Fall

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10 Things to Do in the Crystal Coast in the Fall

crystal coast fall activitiesAh, fall on the Crystal Coast—arguably the perfect time to visit. The crowds and tourists are gone, as is the heat and humidity of summer weather. Instead, the days are still long and pleasantly warm, and the little towns and beaches throughout the community are placid and quiet. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy the Crystal Coast in the beautiful fall season.

1. Go to the Beach

Yes, it’s fall—and the beach weather is ideal. The sun is warm but not hot, the crowds are gone, and the skies are sunny and blue. It’s the perfect time for a leisurely stroll, basking in the sun, or even learning to surf.

2. Head to Fort Macon State Park

shackleford banks sand dunesCooler, but still warm, weather is perfect for exploring the miles of beautiful nature and hiking trails that wind through the park. And of course, there’s no better time to admire the beautiful ocean view from the ramparts of the park’s signature fort and naval gun emplacement dating back to before the Civil War.

3. Take a Wild Horse Tour

Hopefully you kept your boat out! If not, you can easily hop on a tour to the Shackleford Banks to admire the beautiful rolling sand dunes… and the incredible wild horses that wander along the shore and graze on the nearby grasses.

4. Explore Historic Beaufort

No trip to the Crystal Coast is complete without a stop at “America’s Best Beach Town”, Beaufort! Wander the quaint shops of its historic downtown streets along the beautiful waterfront, and don’t forget to grab lunch or dinner at one of its outstanding local seafood eateries!

5. Take a paddle tourpaddling trails crystal coast

Miles of beautiful paddling trails wind through the communities of the Crystal Coast, offering the perfect way to quietly explore charming towns and undisturbed natural areas and habitats alike. Some top fall trails include Taylor’s Creek, Bogue Sound, and Down East’s Core Sound.

6. Dine by the Ocean

Want to taste some of the best seafood in America? Head to the Crystal Coast waterfront, where everything is fresh-caught and the dishes are unbelievable. And don’t forget to sample the signature “shrimpburger” at least once during your stay!

7. Check out the North Carolina Aquarium

crystal coast sailboatWith or without the kids, the Aquarium is a great place to learn more about the native flora and fauna of the area, and see live exhibits up close and personal.

8. Tour the Cape Lookout National Seashore and Lighthouse

By personal boat or tour boat, the secluded Cape Lookout National Seashore and its iconic striped lighthouse are worth the trip!

9. Hit the Golf Course

The most difficult part of golfing in the Crystal Coast is finding the best course—there are so many from which to choose! Or if regular golf isn’t quite your style, or you’ve got kids to entertain, there are even options for mini golf, go-karts, and bowling here, too.

10. Fishing, fishing, and More fishing

fishing crystal coastFrom shorelines to sounds, deep bays to wide-open ocean, the Crystal Coast offers a diverse array of fishing options, each with its own variety of catches. And the cooler waters of fall mean a new selection of fish for anglers.

Enjoy the Crystal Coast Fall Season in Your New Home

The best thing about owning a home in the Crystal Coast? Renting it out to tourists all hot summer, then taking the prime fall slots for yourself! Come and explore life in the Crystal Coast, learn more about the wonderful communities here, and start searching homes for sale. Contact me when you’re ready to buy your Crystal Coast vacation home!

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