Things You Might Not Have Known About the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

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Things You Might Not Have Known About the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

big rock blue marlin tournamentIf you ask anyone from the Crystal Coast what the biggest event in Morehead City is, they’ll all tell you the same thing—the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament. Heard of it? If you’ve been to Morehead City, you probably have. It’s kind of a big deal around here. But here are some things you might not have known about it…

The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament is Actually a Series of Events

It’s not one tournament; it’s three. The event kicks off every year with the Lady Angler competition, followed by the KWLA rike-big-rock-logoTournament, and then the Big Rock Tournament. The Big Rock itself lasts six days, and each boat is allowed to fish four of the six days. Plus, there are other events like a Captain’s Party, Captain’s Meeting, and a final Awards Banquet.

It’s Not JUST About Fishing…

Sure, the tournaments are the whole reason for the event, but even if you’re not an angler, it’s still a fun event for the whole family. There’s a Sponsors Reception for those who’ve helped contribute to the event, a huge Sunday Pig Pickin’ roast, a Wednesday Dinner Party, the Baileys Trunk Show jewelry show, and more!

There Are a Ton of Sponsors (It IS a Pretty Big Deal Around Here!)

Some top sponsors include Alexseal Yacht Coatings, Yamaha Outboards, Wells Fargo, Bud Light, Beaufort Club… linda rike event sponsorand yours truly, Linda Rike Real Estate! We help specifically sponsor the Lady Angler event for all of our women and young lady anglers out there!

It’s A Charity Event

In fact, past contributions have totaled over $4.2 million to local charities and groups in need throughout the community! Last year, $25,000 was donated by the Lady Anglers to the Carteret Health Care Cancer Center. Other recipients of last year’s donations included Broad Street Clinic, The History Place, Martha’s Mission Cupboard, NC University Center for Marine Science and Technology, Hope Mission, Carobell’s Station Club, Carteret County Domestic Violence, and more.

It Has a Pretty Rich History

The first blue marlin in the Crystal Coast wasn’t caught until September 14, 1957! But it was such a momentous event that it sparked an impromptu parade, and lead to ensuing years of following tournaments. The first tournaments weren’t quite theblue rock fishing boatevent they are today. In 1974, the prize money totaled just $800. However, it skyrocketed to $70,000 in 1984, reached over $743,000 in 1996, and today stands at over $1 million! No wonder it’s called the “Super Bowl” of fishing.

The “Big Rock” Isn’t Actually a Rock…

No, there’s not some big rock along the Morehead City waterfront or maybe out off the coast. Nope, the legendary “Big Rock” is actually a series of ledges, peaks, and plateaus about 8–10 miles long by 1 mile wide that crosses the Continental Shelf about 40–60 miles off the coast of Morehead City. It’s thought that the Big Rock is where the first blue marlin was caught, as the area enjoys warm Gulf Stream waters that attract small reef fish—which in turn attract larger predators—which the blue marlin then feast on.

The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament Kicks Off June 9, 2017!

Just three and a half months to go! The tournament starts off as it does every year, with the Lady Angler event on Friday, June 9 from 6pm–9pm. Will you be joining Linda Rike Real Estate at our favorite event of the year? Contact us for more details about the event or to find your vacation home on the Crystal Coast in time for the big event.

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