6 Reasons Now is the Perfect Time to Buy a Home on the Crystal Coast

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6 Reasons Now is the Perfect Time to Buy a Home on the Crystal Coast

Thinking of buying a home on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina but not sure if the timing is right? Well, the good news is that the real estate odds are definitely in your favor! Here’s why now is the perfect time to buy a home on the Crystal Coast.

1. The Weather is Beautiful

beautiful fall weather is perfect for buying a home on the crystal coastHouse-hunting in the hot days of summer can be a drag, even when the homes are air conditioned. But fall in North Carolina is beautiful, and the absolutely perfect time for house tours. Plus, once the leaves start to change, think how pretty all those neighborhoods will be to drive through!

2. Prices are Still Low… But on the Rise

home values are on the rise so it's a good time to buy a home on the crystal coastGood news and more good news. The prices are still affordable, which is great for buyers. And they’re expected to rise in the coming months, which is even better for homeowners. There’s nothing like building equity with a home.

3. Mortgage Rates are Still Low, For Now

low mortgage rates mean lower monthly paymentsIn addition to low home prices, mortgage rates are still relatively low compared to past rates—and predicted future rates. So if you’re thinking of buying, better now than later, when interest rates climb past the comfortable 4%!

4. There’s Less Competition

less competition between buyers means more chance of getting the home you wantSpring and summer are traditionally the “hot” real estate times of the year, which means that the cooling fall season starts to see a cooling market as well. What does that mean for home buyers? Less chance that the home you love will be snatched up by another buyer—or that you’ll have to raise your offer to outbid another buyer.

5. Sellers are Serious

sellers are willing to negotiate to close fasterSellers who list their homes during the “off” season usually do so for a serious reason, like relocating for a job, or trying to sell their home before the impending holidays. For buyers, that means increase negotiation power on things like home price, closing date, and more.

6. You’re Ready to Buy!

Happy loving couple walking at the beach and man carrying his girlfriend on a piggyback rideYour finances are in order. You’ve got plenty of extra income for paying a second mortgage. You’ve been thinking about buying a second home on the Crystal Coast for ages… and finally you’re ready. That’s the final sign that the time is right to buy a home.

Buying a Home on the Crystal Coast? Act Now!

If you’re thinking of buying a home on the Crystal Coast, then it’s time to contact Linda Rike Real Estate Services. As your lifestyle and real estate guides to the Crystal Coast, we’re here to help you learn more about buying a home, explore the community and its beautiful neighborhoods, and find the perfect place to call home.

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