Hankerin’ for a Fresh Catch? Here are the Best Seafood Restaurants on the Crystal Coast

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Hankerin’ for a Fresh Catch? Here are the Best Seafood Restaurants on the Crystal Coast

yummy seafood platterYour trip to the Crystal Coast isn’t complete without a taste (or two) of some fresh local fish. No matter where you go, there’s nothing like the flavor of a just-caught fish. But there are a few places that truly stand out as the best of the best. Here are the best seafood restaurants in Morehead City, Beaufort, and Atlantic Beach.

Morehead City Seafood

Ruddy Duck Tavern.

Featuring casual yet delicious eats, like unique gourmet burgers and sandwiches, as well as plenty of seafood options, including fresh catch baskets, Ruddy Duck is easily a winner.

gourmet shrimp dishRed Fish Grill

It’s all about the fresh catch at Red Fish. Don’t forget to ask about their daily fish specials if you really want to dine on the best!

Other top favorites of Morehead city include Parrott’s on 11th and La Perla.

Beaufort Seafood

Aqua Restaurant

Enjoy American and International flavors where the focus is fresh local foods, including fresh catches. There’s seafood, land food, and even a wine bar.

The Spouter Innfresh seafood

Enjoy the views and the flavors of Spouter… and maybe even show up for a special event, like Wine Tastings or live music.

Other local favorites include City Kitchen and Front Street Grill at Stillwater.

Atlantic Beach Favorites

Amos Mosquito’s Restaurant and Bar

Local catches, unique dishes, and new takes on classics are part of what makes Amos so spectacular. There’s also live entertainment and events, like Sushi & Karaoke!gourmet sushi platter

Island Grille

Island Grille classifies itself as a “gourmet hole in the wall”, and that’s truly just what it is—a casual seaside eatery featuring spectacular food, wine, and service.

Other local favorites include Crab’s Claw and the Shark Shack.

Come Have Some Fun on the Crystal Coast!

The seafood here is pretty amazing! But it’s certainly not all that the Crystal Coast has to offer. Come explore the Crystal Coast and discover its unique and charming communities. Explore its diverse neighborhoods. Learn more about what it’s like to buy a vacation home on the Crystal Coast. Or just contact Linda Rike Real Estate to get started on finding your dream vacation home today!

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