Emerald Isle Ranks Among the Best Bargain Beach Towns in the US!

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Emerald Isle Ranks Among the Best Bargain Beach Towns in the US!

RS5195_iStock_000060236772_Large-scrIn a recent study by RealtyTrac®, one of the top sources for housing and real estate data in the US, Emerald Isle, NC ranked among the best places in the nation to buy a beach home! The study took into account factors such as median home prices and growth in home value, as well as the size of the town, the air quality and average summer temperatures, and overall safety of the community. So, exactly how did Emerald Isle stack up?

Best Bargains: The Criteria

In the study, RealtyTrac® compared data from over 1,400 coastal towns across America. In order to qualify as a top town, certain criteria needed to be met. The population had to fall below 50,000, average temperatures had to be between 60 and 80 degrees, and both air quality and safety had to rate highly.

Where Does Emerald Isle Rank?

beach-193786_1280On the list of 1,400, Emerald Isle ranked in at #5 in America—beating out towns in South Carolina, California, Delaware, and even Hawaii. With average temperatures of just 60 degrees, a median home price of $322,500, 96.6% of days with high air quality, and no registered criminal offenders, Emerald Isle easily fits all the criteria for RealtyTrac®’s Top Towns—small-town feel, great weather, affordable pricing, and high safety.

Why Buy A Vacation Beach Home?

Okay, Emerald Isle is an affordable market and a great place to enjoy the beach, but why does that mean you should buy a vacation home there?

  1. beach-197094_1280Save on repeat vacations: For one thing, if you plan on returning to the beach season after season, year after year, it can actually be cheaper in the long run, rather than paying high rental prices every visit.
  2. Earn some income: As a homeowner in a prime vacation town, YOU can be taking advantage of those high rental prices—by charging them to vacation renters when you’re not in town.
  3. Ease & convenience: There’s no denying the convenience of having a set destination for your vacation, filled with your own furniture, supplies, even clothes (if you’re not renting), that you can return to whenever you want to—no reservations, no car jam-packed with beach chairs, coolers, and towels.

Find Your Emerald Isle Vacation Home Today!

Ready to find that perfect vacation home in the breathtaking beach community of Emerald Isle, NC? Start searching homes for sale, take some time to learn more about homebuying on the Crystal Coast, and then contact me and let’s get started!

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