5 Things to Do on Your Fall Trip to the Crystal Coast

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5 Things to Do on Your Fall Trip to the Crystal Coast

Many people are under the assumption that the beach shuts down once the cooler weather rolls around. However, Crystal Coast locals know that the best time at the beach is actually in the fall. This time of year offers cooler temperatures, less crowds, but still an abundance of fun things to do! 

Still not sure if your trip should be in the fall? Read these fun things to do and see why the Crystal Coast is the perfect spot to visit when the summer days are gone!

Autumn in the Crystal Coast Is the Best Time to Visit!

Tourists will swear up and down that summer is the best time to visit the beach. However, many locals and beach enthusiasts will put up a compelling argument for why autumn can actually be the best time of year to visit. For one, there are still quite a few warm days in the fall that will allow you to tan. Also, the fishing is great and there are lots of shops that will carry the perfect presents to gift during the holidays.

The eastern coast of North Carolina provides a rich history that’s a perfect backdrop for spooky ghost stories. Chefs at the local restaurants are also changing up their menus as the season changes. Even when the temperature drops, it does not mean the fun at the Crystal Coast stops!

Beach weather any time of the year

A shell on the beach.

One great thing to do on your autumnal trip to the Crystal Coast is go to the beach! There are fewer people around, which provides more opportunities to enjoy the miles of sand and sea that the area has to offer. Spread out your stuff, take a nap in the sun, and even enjoy a cool dip in the water. 

Fishing in the fall

A fishing boat on the water while the sun sets.

Fall is actually one of the best times of year to go fishing. While the famous Big Rock tournament is held during the summer months, there are actually quite a few fishing tournaments during autumn, too. Many experienced fishermen utilize this time to catch tons of great seafood! Feel free to rent a charter or bring your own boat onto the water and reel in some of the finest fish on the Crystal Coast! 

Bonus: did you know that the Crystal Coast is located extremely close to the Gulf Stream? That explains why the seafood served on the shores is so fresh and the fishing options are plentiful!

Spooky tours in historic sites

A flower in a graveyard .

Another bonus to taking a trip in the fall is getting to experience the spooky season! Historic Beaufort provides plenty of opportunities to feel a chill run down your spine—and it’s not from the cooler weather (though that may help!).

Beaufort, otherwise known as “America’s Favorite Town”, is the third oldest community in the state. Unsurprisingly, that title comes with a little spookiness. Beaufort hosts ghost walks about the pirates that used to roam its shores. If pirates aren’t your scene, there are plenty of historical sites, such as the Old Burying Ground and the Hammock House, that could leave you with a fright!

Shopping for the holidays

Holiday shopping bags filled with gifts on a fall trip

The Crystal Coast hosts many local shops, which makes it easy to find the perfect presents for the upcoming holiday season. And who says the presents all have to be for other people?

Be sure to find yourself a perfect piece of treasure that will help you remember the time you spent on the Crystal Coast. While shopping on the Crystal Coast, be sure to check out AB Surf Shop in Atlantic Beach and South Swell in Emerald Isle for the perfect treasures to take home from the beach.

Sample the local flavors

A seafood dish tourists want to eat during a fall trip

Just like any other food, seafood rotates based on what is in season. King mackerel and striped bass are very prevalent during autumn, and many local restaurants love to incorporate them into their menus. Taking a trip during the fall allows you to sample fish that you may not have normally tried if you stopped by during summer!

Falling for the Crystal Coast?

Have these five reasons got you falling for fall on the Crystal Coast? Pack your bags and book a vacation home today to experience all that the coast has to offer, including cooler temperatures, less crowds, and the local hometown vibe that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Want to make a permanent move to the Crystal Coast? Linda Rike Real Estate would love to help you find your perfect fall (and year-round) getaway. Contact us today to jumpstart your home buying journey!

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