6 Features Your Must Include When Building Your Own Beach House

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6 Features Your Must Include When Building Your Own Beach House

beach homes for saleConsidering buying land and building your dream beach house in the Crystal Coast of North Carolina? Before you get started, read up on some of the features and amenities your beach home just has to have!

1. A Safe & Desirable Location

Location, location, location! Nowhere is location more important than on the beach. Before you start constructing or designing your home, you’ll find to find the perfect location. Most likely, you’ll want to be close to the water, but you also want to ensure that you’re choosing a safe and structurally-sound place to build. Properties close to the water do tend to be more expensive—and in turn appreciate more quickly—but they also suffer more weather damage than more inland homes.

Crystal Coast Land Buying Tip: Enlist the help of a professional engineer or land surveyor to check out the safety of any land you’re considering, including its elevation above tide and flood levels, the stability of the shoreline against erosion, and the drainage of your yard.

2. A Rental-Friendly Neighborhood

rental properties in the crystal coastUnless you plan on living in your beach house full-time, you’re likely considering using it as a rental property for a source of additional income. If this is your plan, it’s highly advisable that you select a neighborhood that is renter-friendly. In addition to accepting (and welcoming) renters, an ideal renter’s neighborhood is easy to find, and is located close to beaches or bodies of water, as well as conveniences, shopping, dining, and local attractions.

3. Good Protection Against the Elements

Beach homes see a lot of weather—high winds, high tides, and other forces of nature. Homes built particularly close to the water are often built on stilts to raise them above the flood or tide levels. Other homes use specialized foundations designed for building in sand or soft soil. Homes are required to use stronger building materials, and some even feature storm windows or shutters.

4. Plenty of Outdoor Features

outdoor kitchenYou’ve checked off location and safety—Now the fun parts! A good beach house should have plenty of ways to enjoy the great outdoors, such as large porches facing pleasant views, shaded decks or patios, outdoor kitchens or firepit areas, and maybe even a dock or landscaped yard.


                                       The above image is courtesy of Outdoor Cooking Pros.


5. Outdoorsy Home Designs Inside

Just because you’re not outside, doesn’t mean you can be enjoying the feeling of the great outdoors. Design your home interior to bring the outdoors inside, with features such as open floor plans, high ceilings, large entryways, and large, sunny windows.

6. Beach-Friendly Home Furnishings

beach homes in the crystal coastPrepare your home for plenty of beach traffic! Consider light-colored decking or flooring to hide sand, and make thresholds flush for easy sweeping. Avoid carpets when possible, and when using area rugs, use easy-drying materials like jute, hemp, or wool. Durable outdoor furniture can be used inside and out, and washable slipcovers are a great way to keep furniture looking fresh and new, even if you’re renting.

Crystal Coast Beach House Buying Tip: Work with a Local Expert Realtor

Ready to start hunting down that perfect spot to build your dream beach house on the Crystal Coast? Make sure you work with a local expert—a realtor who knows the best neighborhoods and the top attractions of the area, can point you in the direction of the best local vendors and contractors, and can help your find your ideal location on the Crystal Coast. Contact Linda Rike Real Estate today and let’s get started!

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