Tips for Finding a Reliable Home Contractor on the Crystal Coast

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Tips for Finding a Reliable Home Contractor on the Crystal Coast

Whether you’re rebuilding or repairing after the hurricane or you’re just looking to add some value to your home, choosing a reliable home contractor is a crucial first step! But… how do you know which local vendors are good… and which are just full of empty promises? Here’s how to find a reputable Crystal Coast contractor!

Know Your Contracting Types

reliable home contractor on the crystal coastNot all contractors do the same thing. In fact, there are a few different types, like General Contractors, who oversee all aspects of an improvement project (including hiring and supervising subcontractors), Specialty Contractors, who only build or install certain products, and Architects, who handle the design.

Do Some Research

researching reliable home contractorsDon’t just hire the first contractor who pops up on your Google search… talk to friends or family in the area who’ve used local contractors. Check online ratings and reviews. Do some reading up on particular companies, like how long they’ve been in business, what qualifications or licensing they hold, and what previous projects they’ve worked on.

Hold Some Interviews

interviewing local contractors on the crystal coastOnce you’ve got a few seemlingly-reliable vendors in mind, it’s time to make some phone calls and ask some questions! You’ll want to get pricing estimates, ask about projects similar to yours they’ve completed, and maybe even get a list of references.

Other good things to check are:

  • What permits will be required for your project
  • What types of insurance they carry
  • If they’ll require any subcontractors

Determine Payment Options

discussing payment options with local buildersWhile you’re talking to contractors, you may also want to ask about your payment options. Be wary of contractors who ask you for cash-only transactions or who require large down payments. Try to pay as little as possible up front and arrange for additional payments to be made as the work is completed satisfactorily.

Other Tips for Working with a Contractor

successful contracting transaction and experienceJust because you’ve got a great local builder, doesn’t mean the work is sure to go smoothly. Here are some other tips for making the home building or repair process as stress-free as possible:

Get It in Writing: Make sure all promises are delivered and at the date they were promised! Get everything in writing, from names and contact information to materials that will be used to timelines and completion dates.

Ask What’s Included: Find out what the contractor will and won’t do, like trash removal and basic cleanup. If possible, as for a Broom Clause to hold the builder accountable for damages and cleanup.

Keep Records: Any time you talk to your builder, make a payment, or have any issues, make sure it’s recorded.

Wait on the Final Payment: Don’t sign an affidavit of final release or make any payments until the work is 100% complete to your 100% satisfaction and all terms of the contract have been fulfilled.

Need Some Crystal Coast Contractor Tips?

Are you searching for a contractor on the Crystal Coast in hopes of making some improvements to your home before you sell it? Then it’s time to contact Linda Rike Real Estate. We can connect you with reputable local contractors and builders, plus give you some tips for staging and pricing your home. Give us a call today!

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