How You Can Help Crystal Coast Hurricane Florence Victims

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How You Can Help Crystal Coast Hurricane Florence Victims

If there’s one down side to life in the Crystal Coast, it’s that sometimes, weather happens. (But where isn’t that true?) And for some residents of the Coast, September’s hurricane brought absolute devastation. Here’s how to show your love for this amazing community by helping Crystal Coast Hurricane Florence victims.

Give the Gift of Universal Aid

donating money to help crystal coast hurricane florence victimsOne of the most powerful things you can do during the time of a disaster is to donate money. This way, organizations working directly in the community can best address its specific needs, whether that’s medicine, food, shelter, or clothing. Some organizations currently accepting donations include:

The American Red Cross: Mail, phone, or text donations. Blood donations are also always welcome.

Lowcountry Disaster Relief: Donate online and if you’d like, specify where you’d like your donation to be received.

North Carolina Fund: Mail checks or donate online to help address victims’ unmet needs.

Salvation Army: Donate by phone, text, mail, or online to help victims receive basic needs and spiritual care.

United Way: Specifically, donate to the Hurricane Florence Recovery Fund by phone, text, mail, or online.

World Hope International: Donate online, call the organization, or mail a check to help WHI partner with churches and corporate sponsors to provide support for victims of major hurricanes.

Give the Gift of Food

donating food to crystal coast hurricane florence victimsWhether giving money isn’t in the budget or you’d like to give something more specific, donating food is another great way to provide aid to victims. Donate to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina in person (if you live in the area) or online with a virtual food drive. Another great organization accepting food donations is Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC.

Give the Gift of Time

volunteering to help crystal coast hurricane florence victimsIf you live in the area or you’re in town for awhile, direct volunteer support is always greatly appreciated. The American Red Cross is always looking for volunteers to help out, as is National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.

Looking for Options on the Crystal Coast?

Whether you’re facing the prospect of rebuilding or you find yourself in search of a new home entirely, Linda Rike Real Estate is here to help. We’ve got lots of local information and resources—from hurricane relief options to home-buying guides. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get back to living the beach life!

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