Brand-New or Resale? Which Crystal Coast Home is Right for You?

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Brand-New or Resale? Which Crystal Coast Home is Right for You?

Thinking of buying a home on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, but not sure whether you want to buy an older home or a new construction home? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of each, find out what the more popular options are, and find out what’s right for you!

Buy New If…

  • You want a personalized home build just for you, or at least the ability to select custom options.
  • Beautiful Newly Constructed Modern Home Among the Trees.You’re concerned with things like energy-efficient features. Homes built today must meet more rigorous code standards than older homes, and often come with certifications for things like walls, windows, roofs, doors, or appliance packages.
  • You strongly prefer more modern designs and layouts, like open floor plans, large windows, more bathrooms, or large custom-designed kitchens.
  • You like the idea of brand-new appliances, wiring, and plumbing—and builder-backed warranties. Newer electrical wiring can actually be safer when it comes to fire hazards, and can be costly to replace in an older home. Plus, you’ll get the benefit of brand-new everything: furnace, water heater, air conditioning, kitchen appliances, roof, windows, and doors, all of which are expensive to replace.
  • You’re kind of taken with new-home technology, like high-speed internet wiring, surround sound or special entertainment sound systems, or even smart-home technology.
  • You want a low-maintenance lifestyle. Move in and everything is all set and ready to go, and should stay that way for quite some time.

Keep in Mind When Buying New

  • kitchen in luxury homeYou might have to wait. Especially if you’re customizing or designing a new home, there can definitely be some waiting around.
  • You might not find the location you’re looking for. Much of the “prime” real estate in the Crystal Coast (downtown Morehead City, downtown Beaufort, ocean fronts) is already filled up with older homes, which means newer homes are being build in more out-of-the-way locations.
  • You won’t get that beautiful mature landscaping. New construction means a lot of tearing up the land, and that means no beautiful old oaks or private woods around your yard.
  • There’s not much room for negotiation. Price tags are pretty set, and if you don’t want to pay it, the builder will just move on to the next buyer. This can mean paying more than you wanted.

Buy Resale If…

  • You kind of like having a project that needs a little work or a few touch-ups. Older homes have plenty of room Rock sidewalk to front door of home.for personalization and personal touches that don’t break the bank, like new paint, new flooring, or other minor upgrades and touch-ups.
  • You’re more concerned with location than with home. If you want an oceanfront bungalow or a Downtown Beaufort locale, you’re probably not going to find a new-home community waiting around for you to find.
  • You like the older-home look or just can’t stand the cut-from-a-mold look of many new tract homes. Let’s face it, older homes can pack in some pretty serious charm. And they may also have interesting architectural features, like arches, hand-carved appointments, and more.
  • You like the idea of living in an established neighborhood. Older neighborhoods will have a reputation, which means you can find out what the neighbors like or don’t like about living there. Plus, an established neighborhood can protect its home values with a good local reputation. And there’s definitely more a sense of community spirit and neighborhood pride in a place where residents have lived for years or even decades.
  • You want a big, private yard with lots of beautiful landscaping. Older homes often include larger plots of land. And you’ll find plenty of private older trees, bushes, and even beautiful gardens and other landscaped features.

Keep in Mind When Buying Resale

  • charming older homeBeware of “fixer uppers”. They might seem like a cheap option, but can quickly turn into a nightmare as repair costs climb and unforeseen problems arise. Always get an in-depth inspection before you buy a fixer upper.
  • Older homes will need more maintenance. Sure, the water heater is working great now, but what about next year? And what happens when the plumbing starts to leak or the dishwasher breaks?
  • It can be expensive to perform upgrades and repairs. You bought the home thinking you’d just make a few minor upgrades and, voila! New home. Not quite. It can be a lot of time, work, and money to bring your home up to the same standards as a new home.

Thinking of Buying a Home on the Crystal Coast?

Whether you’re considering buying a home on the Crystal Coast as a vacation getaway, as a rental property, or as your sole place to live, then it’s time to contact Linda Rike Real Estate. As your Crystal Coast experts, we’re here to help you explore the community, learn more about buying a home, and find just the right place to call your own.

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