Boating the Crystal Coast

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Boating the Crystal Coast

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The Crystal Coast is a boater’s paradise, and the list of reasons why is nearly endless. Big-game offshore fishing and world-class shipwrecks for divers. Undeveloped beaches awaiting discovery by eager explorers and pristine and uncrowded waterways. A vast network of interconnected bays, sounds, and rivers to the Atlantic Ocean. It all provides a truly unique experience, designed to please boaters of all interests—be they anglers, paddlers, explorers, or beachgoers.

Want instant access to your favorite on-water adventures? Consider a Crystal Coast home with a dock or water access!

Top Boating Activities of the Crystal Coast


Offshore Fishing

The vast Gulf Stream makes one of its closest loops to land along the shores of the Crystal Coast, bringing with it warm waters and big game species—and making the area a paradise for anglers in search of bluefin tuna, cobia, dorado, wahoo, albacore, marlin, and sailfish. So for those itching for a big catch, head out to open waters with your rod and you just might land a trophy!

For those seeking inshore fishing, a boat can still be an invaluable resource for staking out your own private stretches of marshes, creeks and rivers, rock jetties, and even beaches.


Water Sports

With plenty of quiet bodies of water and protected inlets, the Crystal Coast offers a wealth of opportunities for watersports enthusiasts, from wake and knee boarders to tubers, jet skiers, and even skiers. So break out the equipment and hit the water… or maybe give something new a try! Even paddlers will find their niche here, as the Crystal Coast is home to miles of protected streams and rivers perfect for kayakers, canoers and paddleboarding.


Diving the Shipwrecks

Off the coast of the Southern Outer Banks there lies a graveyard of ships whose origins are the stuff of legends, and whose magnificent reefs and historic sites make for truly magnificent diving in the warm Atlantic waters. Beneath the rolling blue waves lie the tragic tales of hurricanes and gale-force winds, submarine warfare, and even epic collisions—an entire history of ships that include a German U-352 dating back to WWII. It’s an opportunity no avid diver should miss.


Exploring Scenic Shorelines

Picnic on the secluded shores of an untouched beach along the Cape Lookout National Seashore. Watch wild horses graze from the Shackleford Banks. Rove the Outer Banks for undiscovered treasures. Take to open ocean for breathtaking views of crystal clear waters and blue skies. Escape the crowds of big events and enjoy the views of July 4th Fireworks or the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament from the peace and quiet of the Morehead City waterfront. Putter or paddle narrow rivers and unexplored creeks or motor down the quiet waters of Taylor’s Creek to enjoy lunch in historic Beaufort. The possibilities for exploration on the Crystal Coast waterways are nearly endless.

Ready to Boat the Crystal Coast?

The time has come to find your ultimate boater’s getaway! The many communities of the Crystal Coast—from Harkers Island to Morehead City to Emerald Isle—offer plenty of opportunities for exploring undiscovered beaches and pristine waterways, as well as an enormous variety of charming, quaint, and luxurious vacation escapes. So whatever you’re looking for in a vacation home, you will find what you seek in the Crystal Coast! Contact us today at Linda Rike Realty, and let’s get started!

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