Steps to Selling a Home On the Crystal Coast of NC

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Steps to Selling a Home On the Crystal Coast of NC

Whether you’ve never listed a home before or it’s just been a while, you might be unfamiliar with the whole selling process… and feeling a bit intimidated, too. We at Linda Rike Real Estate want to assure you that selling a home doesn’t have to be hard, stressful, or overwhelming… not when you’re properly prepared! So take some time to review the steps to selling a home, or just contact us with any questions or concerns.

The Home Selling Process

Find a fantastic agent

The most important thing you can do for yourself as a home seller? Find a great agent! If you find someone with substantial experience selling homes on the Crystal Coast, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands! Your agent will know how to handle the entire sale for you, from pricing to staging to signing the closing paperwork.

Handle repairs & improvements

Don’t let lingering maintenances issues or outdated wallpaper cost you a sale! Many agents recommend getting a home inspection before you even list your home so you know what problems are going to surface later on—and can tackle them long before buyers can find out. You may also want to ask about value-boosting improvements; a good agent will know which are worth the expense and work.

Find the perfect price

Second only to finding a great agent, finding the right price is a crucial step to selling a home and actually making money on it. Pricing a home is a delicate balancing act, one really only an experienced and local agent is going to get precisely right. It takes an in-depth understanding of the market to accurately predict what buyers are prepared to spend on a home.

Do a little staging

You’d be surprised the difference a little staging can make to a home. Decluttering and clearing out your personal belongings and decor leaves room for catalog-worthy accents and pops of color and allows buyers to imagine their own lives in your home… rather than trying to see past your personal style.

Market your home

Unless you’re a professional marketer, you probably don’t know that much about getting the word out about a home for sale, and this is yet another place your agent will come in handy. A good agent will be well-versed in getting buyers’ eyes on homes and will use a huge variety of resources to get your home seen—from online listings to print flyers to Facebook ads.

Show your home

Again, if you’ve got a good agent, you shouldn’t have to do much more than making yourself scarce while your agent takes potential buyers on a tour. With a good agent, you won’t have to worry about taking phone calls or scheduling showings; your agent will tell you a prospective buyer is interested in your home, and you’ll do a last-minute tidy and give your buyers space to explore.

Negotiate & accept an offer

Once a buyer falls in love with your home, they’ll present you with an offer. Yet another spot your agent comes in handy: your agent will receive the offer and review it with you to determine if it’s fair or if there’s perhaps room for a little negotiation. Should you want to return the offer with modified terms or conditions, your agent will handle that aspect, too, as well as any communication with the seller or seller’s agent.

Cooperate with inspections

Once an offer is accepted, the buyer will likely want to schedule a home inspection (yes, even if you’ve already had one). You don’t have to be present for this, but you may need to renegotiate a bit afterwards, depending on how the buyer feels about the results of the inspection. Based on their findings, they may ask you for a price reduction or credit towards closing costs, they may request that you make repairs, or they may even walk away from the sale.

Finalize terms in escrow

Once you and the buyer come to a final agreement, there’s a bit of waiting and signing paperwork involved. During this time, the buyer will likely be finalizing their loan, and there may be an appraisal of your home, too. You will probably have some paperwork on your end to complete—your agent should be able to help you through this part of the process.

Sign & close

On a predetermined day, you and the buyer and all your associated representatives (agents, attorneys, lenders, etc.) will sit down to sign the final closing paperwork. At this point, you’ll hand over your keys and likely receive a very large check. Congratulations! You just sold your home!

Your Crystal Coast Selling Resource

If you’re ready to sell your Crystal Coast home, then it’s time to contact Linda Rike Real Estate. These selling steps are just the beginning of the expert advice and knowledge we can use to help you successfully sell your home. Contact us today and let’s list your home.

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