Giving Back: The Big Rock Foundation Charity Donations

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Giving Back: The Big Rock Foundation Charity Donations

the big rock blue marlin statueIt might just seem like a week of fun, festivities, and high-stakes fishing competitions, but in reality, The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament is much more. More than a competition, more than an event, more, even, than a week of community connection. It’s a way for the participants and sponsors to give back to the community we love. Here’s how The Big Rock gives back.

How the Big Rock Foundation Gives Back to Charity on the Crystal Coast

Since its humble beginnings, The Big Rock Foundation has donated over $4.9 million to local charities and people in need. Every year, The Big Rock gives to a core group of charities, then reviews larger impact community projects to receive special funding.

the big rock foundation gives back to the crystal coast communityLast year’s donations included organizations such as the Salvation Army, Carteret County Schools, and the Domestic Violence Center. Plus, every year, the Keli Wagner Big Rock Lady Angler Tournament donates to the RAAB Oncology Clinic, with total donations reaching over 200,000 since 2005!

2018 Big Rock Foundation Charity Recipients

The tournament is just days away, but numerous organizations have already thanked The Big Rock for its donations. Here are some of the local groups that have benefitted from The Big Rock’s financial support.

Carobell, Inc Station Club Enterprise

Carobell is a private nonprofit organization located in Morehead City devoted to bettering the lives of adults with cognitive the big rock foundation supporting local organizationsimpairments and developmental disabilities. The Big Rock has been helping Carobell for over 25 years, and recent donations have helped the organization procure iPads, laptops, and other accessories designed to help with understanding of technology.

Daughters of the Revolution

The recent $10,000 donation from The Big Rock to DAR helped bring the Vietnam Traveling Wall to Morehead City on Memorial Day Weekend last year. This ⅗ scale of the Washing DC Vietnam Wall stands six feet tall and nearly 300 feet long, and is designed to provide a place to pay respects and reconnect with loved ones, particularly for those unable to travel to DC.

Newport Historical Museum

The Newport Historical Museum features a unique collection of items from Newport’s rich past and offers guided tours, lectures, the big rock giving back to local organizationsa Military Memorial Room, and a Civil War Park. In addition, the Museum offers annual scholarships and works to raise funds through community events. This year, The Big Rock donated $14,000 to the Museum to help with roof repairs and new shingles.

Seaman’s Service Ministry

The Seaman’s Service Ministry helps serve the temporal needs of seafarers and military personnel visiting the State Port through provided amenities like a game room, internet and TV services, refreshments, and a shuttle van to nearby medical facilities, amenities, and stores. The Big Rock made a recent $5,000 donation to help the Ministry with needed facility improvements.

Operation North State

Operation North State works to give back to the veterans and Wounded Warriors of the Crystal Coast community. The Big Rock’s recent donation help fund a festival that drew over 300 veterans, Wounded Warriors, and their families together for a day of fun and fishing. This was one of many events hosted by the organization.linda rike real estate, proud sponsor of the big rock blue marlin tournament since 1988

Bridge Downeast & Coats for Children

Bridge Downeast is a nonprofit organization that helps the Down Easy community through a variety of community events and programs. They recently received a $32,000 donation from The Big Rock. Coats for Children also received a sizeable donation from The Big Rock as they raised funds to provide warm clothing for children in need.

Want to Help Out the Crystal Coast Community with The Big Rock?

Now you can help The Big Rock Foundation raise money for various local charities and organizations with the help of Amazon Smile. Just log into your Amazon account at and choose Big Rock Foundation as your charity.

Ready to Join the Crystal Coast Community?

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