5 Reasons to Vacation in Beaufort

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5 Reasons to Vacation in Beaufort

Let’s face it—this year has been tough, and everyone is in need of a vacation. If you are a fan of beautiful landscapes, fun activities for the whole family to enjoy, and a getaway to a historic town with a charming feel, then we have the perfect vacation spot for you. Beaufort, North Carolina is a remarkable town located on the Crystal Coast that offers fun for all members of your vacation crew to enjoy! 

Still not sure if Beaufort is the right spot for your vacation getaway? Check out these five reasons on why you’ll want to visit this memorable town by the sea!

Beaufort is the Perfect Place to Vacation

While the popular vacation season is slowing down, you may still be looking to book a trip to take a break from your daily responsibilities. That’s why Beaufort needs to be on your list of places to see before the end of 2020! With a pleasant hometown feel in addition to the close proximity to the water, Beaufort showcases tons of entertaining attractions for everyone to enjoy.

Not only does Beaufort have stunning views, but it’s also a town filled with history and the best cuisine. A vacation to this delightful coastal town may entice you to begin looking for homes in the area for a more permanent destination spot that you can enjoy year-round.

Charming lifestyle

Sand dunes on the beach as the sunrises.

This year has been filled with lots of uncertainty, stress, and worry—but once you step foot into this quaint town, you will feel all of those worries float away. Beaufort has the type of Southern charm that makes all visitors feel welcome. Here, locals lead a lifestyle involving lunch on the water, coastal sunset walks, and beautiful views at every turn, which can only result in a permanent state of happiness. After vacationing here, you may want to even find your own vacation home!

Closeness to the water 

A wooden dock over a body of water at sunset to relax at on vacation.

Another bonus of vacationing in beautiful Beaufort is the town’s proximity to water. Whether you choose to bring your own boat to see one of North Carolina’s most iconic lighthouses or spend a day at the beach, you’ll have plenty of chances to have fun in the sun! 

Fun for all

Horses run on the sand.

While Beaufort is normally home to many events and festivals, COVID-19 has forced most activities to be postponed to 2021. However, that doesn’t mean that the fun has stopped in this ideal waterfront town. There are still plenty of things to do during your visit here!

You can take a ferry to Shackleford Banks to see the wild horses that roam the island. Going on this adventure is a pretty unique opportunity—after all, not many people get the chance to see wild horses on the beach! But to those who visit the Crystal Coast, it is readily accessible fun that is sure to bring out the kid in anyone who steps foot on the island.

A historic town

A pirate ship sets sail at sunset.

For lovers of Blackbeard and all things pirate, Beaufort is a town to add to your must-see list! North Carolina’s coast, famously known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic, provides many tales of the pirates who once walked these shores.

Beaufort is one of the oldest towns in the state, and it’s home to many historic sites and artifacts that have been found over the years. History even suggests that Blackbeard called Beaufort home! Be sure to bring your favorite history buff and go on a treasure hunt for all of the past delights that await in this quaint town!

Seafood and cuisine

A local seafood dish to enjoy while on vacation.

The last thing anyone wants to do on vacation is worry about food and what to feed their crew. Luckily, Beaufort has many wonderful cuisine options for everyone to enjoy! Restaurants such as City Kitchen, Beaufort Grocery Co, and Clawson’s 1905 restaurant provide excellent opportunities to taste Beaufort’s fresh seafood, all while enjoying an awesome view of the water. 

Book Your Vacation Today!

While these are just a few reasons to book a vacation to Beaufort this year, there are plenty more. Find out more about this gem on the Crystal Coast by visiting Beaufort, North Carolina and falling in love with all that this town has to offer. 

Looking for a permanent residence in Beaufort to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Linda Rike Real Estate would love to show you some homes that can fit your needs! Contact us today to find your piece of paradise in beautiful Beaufort.

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